Leklandet offers activities for young and old. Everyone aged from 2 years to playful adult will find something to do with us.

The playground is made up of 17 inflatable attractions, sumo wrestling and some smaller games. We have divided the playland into sections suitable for different age groups, from a section for the little ones to parts suitable for adults and everything in between of course.

All our products are manufactured according to current European safety standards and we always put safety first. Please take the time to read through the instructions for play and respect the rules of order that apply with us. Our staff are trained in first aid and monitor the playground regularly. Feel free to contact the staff on site if you have further questions about safety.

For our adult visitors there is our café with light food, coffee and other delicacies. Free Wi-Fi and TV are available in the café and Leklandet. 



Rules and tips for the entire leklandet:

  • At least one adult must remain during the entire playtime and be responsible for mischievous children.
  • Food, drinks, candy or ice cream may not be eaten while playing.
  • Socks on but no shoes in the playland.
  • To prevent slipping, we recommend plastic socks for the children.
  • No sharp objects are allowed in the playland. We recommend both adults and children to remove all types of jewelery when you are in the playland.
  • Wait your turn
  • Please note that the mini pirates' section is for 0-5 year olds.


The children should wear comfortable clothes, preferably a long-sleeved shirt and long trousers. Remember socks for the kids!

Keep in mind that it can feel chilly inside the hall, adults can benefit from bringing a blanket or a jacket. The children learn to keep warm in a different way!

You adults are responsible for your/your child at Leklandet. Keep an eye on your children at all times and make sure that the children always know where you are in the room. From the stands [socks] you have a good view of the playground.

You may not bring your own food and drink to Leklandet. We make exceptions for allergy sufferers and baby food cans.

Help us keep Leklandet clean and tidy - put the dishes in the dish trolleys and pick up rubbish after you!

Feel free to bring a water bottle, the children get thirsty from playing!